Prove you know sports!


PocketPicks is a social app for sports fans to compete with one another on NBA, NCAAB, and NHL games.

I first joined the PocketPicks team in its early stages in 2015 as a beta tester. My job included locating bugs and reporting them to the development team.

As the app gained popularity I was asked to redesign the interface from the ground up, preparing the app for the launch of version 2.

PocketPicks is available on the app store now!

my roles

  • Beta Tested
  • User research
  • Prototypes
  • UI/UX design
  • Logo Design
  • User testing

original screens


The new look is easy to navigate and fun to use. On the home screen I presented a summary view of all the games and statistics a user creates. On the remaining screens, I translated the existing designs into a more modern look. Some examples of this translation include replacing the "picked stamps" with solid color lines on the side and changing the list view on the friends screen to a more intuitive card interface.

logo design

The original version of the app was solely focused on basketball, but as the functionality progressed, the team wanted a logo that reflected the brand instead of the sport. Similar to the UI design, I decided on a typeface to represent the playful nature of the app.